Saturday, July 7, 2018

Hunter’s Moon by J. Molly BC

A peek into Hunter’s Moon by #JMollyBC

 The Moon had always captivated Mia. Every night, just before bedtime, she would stare out of her bedroom window, searching across the night sky for her majestic glow. 

She longed to Know the wonder of All of her. On some nights, the Moon’s luminescent rays would kiss her eyelids and wake her from a sound sleep. She’d rush to the window to greet her, whispering inquisitive words of curiosity and ask for clarity and guidance regarding her current perception of goings on within her world. She knew that the answers would come to her in their own time. The Moon had always left her feeling star struck and sanguine.

As a child, thunderstorms had terrified her. Their approaching, cryptic warning signs had always sent her cowering into her mother’s bedroom, until the one night when she had been forced to ride out the storm, alone. By the next morning, her perception had significantly changed and from that moment on, they had empowered her. 

The warning signs of an approaching storm would promptly send her outdoors to watch, feel their energy and absorb the feral symphony of unbridled power. On occasion, she would escape to the beach, just to watch the combined symphony of the storm, enhancing and merging with the ocean’s raging glory, inevitably allowing their phenomenal power to seduce her Spirit. This entity had always reset her and left her feeling invincible.

 During her late teenage years, her undiscovered, Empathic trait had been misdiagnosed as anxiety. For many years, she had believed this diagnosis to be the underlying cause of her symptoms, until she had come across some information in a magazine that revealed otherwise, thus challenging this theory and beginning her research. 

She read everything that she could get her hands on, leaving no page unturned. As she began to understand herself, her discoveries on Empathic traits, in comparison to her symptoms, began to make sense.

Over time, she avoided of crowds and steered clear of negative people. Her known traits were inclusive of Empathic abilities, dream interpretation as well as other forms of Divination via her path.

 She synched her life around the phases of the Moon and the Rede, seldom straying outside of her small Circle. She considered the Moon, hers, as with everything else that she had embraced wholeheartedly, her name and demeanor were precisely what it had meant - mine.

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