Saturday, February 24, 2018

Ignite by Kinley Cole

Ignite by Kinley Cole Releasing February 22, 2018
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"Only the animal within me remained, and I lost the last shred of chivalry. I wanted to own Leah in that moment, needed her to succumb to me. Give herself over to me in the most intimate way she could." -- Ignite

The nanny lives next door…and he’s hot.

The question is—will he be more than just the nanny?

Leah Sullivan is starting over after a nasty breakup, and she’s convinced her three-year-old son is all she needs.

Until her sexy-as-sin new neighbor, Jason, becomes her son’s babysitter.

The thing is, Jason Nightingale has promised himself he’ll never get wrapped—and hurt—by a woman again.

But, now, he’s breaking every damn promise he’s made to himself, and a spark has ignited between him and Leah. They’re playing with fire.

And they’ll either melt together, or burn to ashes. 



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