Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Rule Breaker by Andie M. Long

***NOW LIVE***
(This novella was previously released in the Box Set Forbidden Love)
#TheRuleBreakerRelease by #AndieMLong 

The Rule Breaker Blurb
Sometimes you have to break the rules for love…

I have ONE rule. ONE. No overnight stays – EVER.
All the fun you like, as many times as you like, but you are NEVER staying the night.
My mother had a rule too. Leave Rachel alone. ANY other girl. But NEVER her.
They call him Heavenly Evan.
A creator of bliss, but a breaker of hearts.
He NEVER lets a girl stay the night.He’s my long-time crush and I just KNOW he feels the same.
So, I’m going to break in and STAY THE NIGHT, the WHOLE NIGHT and BREAK his rule.
Or will he BREAK my heart?
A fast-paced romantic novella from the pen of Andie M. Long for those who like to laugh away the gloom of the day.

Read The Rule Breaker to see if sometimes you should listen to your heart.

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