Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Opposite Effect by Shandi Boyes

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Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance 
Series: Enigma; Book 8

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Brax Anderson is the #1 bachelor on his side of Ravenshoe. With ruggedly handsome looks and an even more gorgeous heart, one flash of his killer smile has the women swarming like bees to a honeypot. His grandma, friends, and a few solid hours between the sheets with a vast variety of bunnies is what keeps his blood pumping. He is a self-proclaimed bachelor who has no intentions of settling down.

That is all about to change when a girl from the other side of the tracks walks into his life. With a fire-breathing attitude and a body even hotter than that, its not just Brax's blood pressure she is surging to record-breaking highs.

She tosses out callous words like they are grenades, and can spar with the best of them, but what happens when a beauty meets a beast she can't conquer? 

Can opposites really attract? Will Brax defy the laws of attraction? Or will the dragon finally slay the princess? 

It's time to find out. Get ready and hold on tight! You're about to embark on an epic adventure between the pages in this sizzling enemies to lovers romance. 

Please note: this story is NOT a fairytale. The scenes are hot, the main man is even hotter, and the storyline is gritty and real. Recommended for audiences over the age of 18 due to sexual content, adult scenes, and swear words. If hot alpha men with big hearts and rough exteriors scare you, this may not be the book for you. 

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