Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Family That Lies

💜 The Family That Lies: Forsaken by Grayce, Saved by Merci 💜 by Lakisha Johnson & Laquisha Rucker is still on Sale for #99c. 1-Click This Hot Read Today Before The Sale Ends!

*Blurb* Born only months apart, Merci and Grayce Alexander were as close as sisters could get. With a father who thought the world of them, life was good. Until one day everything changed.

While Grayce got love and attention, Merci got all the hell, forcing her to leave home. She never looks back, putting the past behind her until … her sister shows up over a decade later begging for help, bringing all of the forgotten past with her. Merci wasn't the least bit prepared for what was about to happen next.

Merci realizes, she’s been a part of something much bigger than she'd ever imagined. Yea, every family has their secrets, hidden truths and ties but Merci had no idea she’d been born into the family that lies.

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