Friday, September 30, 2016


So first this app I'm using does work and I love it!!! I can still post from my phone which is awesome!! I will write down the name of the app and post later this weekend.

Second thing is I bought Posh products from a party that a friend hosted online. I asked the consultant what would be good for breakouts because I work on a grille at work.

The consultant suggested Gender Bender soap, Hiving Me Life mask and zit zapper. 


Okay figured out deleting, the pic above is what I got. The gender bender soap I tried tonight and I LOVE it!!! Getting more on payday. I like the Giving me Life too and trying zit zapper tomorrow.

Maybe I will host a party online, not sure yet and most of the products are $20 to $30 and there are products under $20!

Okay will post more onPosh later, my eyes are tired and I should go to bed soon.

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