Sunday, August 21, 2016

New Release
Leader: Princes of Prophecy book 3
L Ann Marie
Little Ben Knight was destined to be a leader. 
He grew up learning how to be a good Brother in an MC that believed in making life better in their community while living their dream by their rules. 
It wasn't always easy but he had good role models and a President that had a vision of a Brotherhood to be proud of. 
He learned how to fight gangs. 
He learned how to protect their women. 
He learned that everyone is useful and worth the same no matter gender or disability and he learned how to protect that belief. 
With his own Club he protects those beliefs with a vengeance. Giving people the ability to live their lives, the same way he grew up, is what he lives for. 
No drugs, no gangs and no human trafficking is what he fights for. 
Maintaining it is an everyday battle.
He's reached his goal, but life at the top can be lonely. Now he needs to convince her.
Lily has heard ‘she’s his’ all her life, but steps back demanding that same equality that Little Ben fights for on behalf of everyone else. 
When will He be Hers?
 Book 3: Leader:

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