Friday, April 29, 2016

Love Reveals Series by Samantha Posey

💞Bestseller #SamanthaPoseySeries💞
New release Samantha Posey Love Conquers 
💥Complete series w/HEA💥
Five star review🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
🌟If you have not read this series then you are missing out. Jacob & Samantha keep the action going. All of the storylines come together at an explosive end. The additional storyline of Nikki and Adam, sets you up for their story. Shantee' A. Parks knocked it out of the box.🌟
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JACOB AND SAMANTHA LATTERS  found out they have a deeper bond than first realized. They looked into their past in an unconventional way. After Jacob healed, they had to go on a dangerous but important mission. They finally got a chance to enjoy each other in every emotional and physical way. When Samantha was kidnapped, Jacob nearly lost his grip with reality. The tension between Jacob and his mother-in-law becomes unbearable. She blames him for Samantha’s kidnapping. Will Jacob be able to rescue Samantha? If so, what will become of their life after this horrible ordeal? Will danger disrupt their lives again?
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