Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Yummy Addictions and Temptations by Belle Davis Reviews

Yummy Addictions (The Yummy Trilogy #1)
Yummy Temptations (The Yummy Trilogy #2)

I have 2 reviews in 1. I received both books for an honest review.

Reviews done by Cassandra Brooker

Yummy Addictions review

5 Sexy, Tantalizing, Hot stars!!!

Love, Love, Love this series!!!!!
This is the first book in the trilogy and  it is non stop action with a lot of sex! It’s a wonderful story and how to people reconnect on a flight to Europe.

Jason Cooper oozes sex and Vale is all about it. They meet up and have a whirlwind love that can’t be explained. They have great chemistry and don’t let up on sex.

Jason is wealthy and Vale doesn’t seem to mind plus he is head over heels for Vale which makes it even better! He does pay for some things and Vale is like me, independant and can afford to pay and it is hard when someone else pays the bill.

After the trip overseas they fly back and Vale thinks she needs time, Jason is not happy but will let Vale think it over.

I won’t give the ending away and you may think  you know what will happen but you will be surprised! You must read this book first because if you read the second book, I think you will get a little lost.

Yummy Temptations book 2 Review

This book picks up where book one leaves off and you really need to read book one first. Vale is injured and has some memory loss. She does piece together what her family has filled in for her and she starts going out again.

A night out leads to seeing Jason again after a year has gone by. He’s not happy when he  sees her but the emotions are running high.

THings work out for Jason and Vale after Jason lets Vale explain what happened. They start seeing more of each other and their chemistry is the same, they are sex nymphos! Those two cannot keep their hands to themselves.

They go to work parties and we meet Maria, a blonde with fake everything! I don’t like her and she doesn't like Vale at all! Maria is always calling Jason no matter what and he doesn’t have a [problem with it.

I’m happy that Vale can see through her crap and I will say, the ending will leave you in shock! I’m shocked at it and would love to tell you but I will hold back on that.

I recommend that you read both books in the Yummy Trilogy before the third book comes out. I love the trilogy and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great story, wild, sex and a love that can’t be broken.

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