Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bruins Game 4/4/2015

Well I had fun in Boston last weekend. I went to Anime Boston and a Boston Bruins game!

The con was good but Saturday was a cluster fuck and I didn't like how they did the line outside and back in but understand it was to relive stress of lines. I also met ome photographers and was in a video too.

My friend who does photoshoots for cosplay took photos of me on Friday and Saturday and hopefully those will be up soon. She has her own page called Sakura Diamond Photography and I met a friend of hers while she was doing my pictures on Saturday.

Her friend has a photography page too and its called Juarez Films and photography. I looked at her work and he has some amazing pics on there! So I think I will book her and Sakura Diamond Photography next year when I go again.

I went to the Bruins game which was the best thing on Saturday!!! They won too against the Maple Leafs! They      are a hard team to beat but we won in a shootout! I need to go to more games.

My weekend was good and I will have to do seperate post for where I ate. This way I can give reviews for the restaurants that I ate at and you guys can check them out too if you are in the area. Also I will be posting about China later this week because my work had a chef from china and it was good food.

So I have a lot top post about this week and will get that going starting tomorrow. I need o eat some lunch before I clock in for work and thanks for looking at my blog.

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