Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I just finished reading this book. I give it 5 stars!!! 

I also want to say that the guy on the cover is HOT!!!

So now for my review:

I like erotic stories plus I need to put an alert out for anyone under 18 that reads this! This book is very explicit and I will have some spoilers in here. There is graphic content so please don't read if YOU are under 18 years of age!!

Ok I read the book in a few days and I couldn't put it down! Rafe is a fighter and wants UFC but his dream goes down the drain!

Zach is an asshole in this book! Where did his need for controlling his sister and raping her? Did it come from his dad?

Anyways Alex is engaged but then Rade shows up and takes her away. If it was me and he left the note, I would be waiting just to leave with a sexy guy regardless if I put him in jail. If it was murder I would keep him there.

Anyways Rafe shows a much darker side than I expected. He is the dominant one having control over Akex but yet she revels in it even though she shouldn't. 
He locks her in a cage, paddles her butt and takes advantage of her ! She really gets turned on by it and always wants more!!

She likes it and wants more but she doesn't know how to tell Rafe why she accused him. When she does, she wants to stay.

What sane woman would stay? Alex of course! She even gave pleasure to Jax! Now all the fields are even til....

Zach shows up! 

He only showed up because Alex was there and her car was found in the river but Zach being the asshole that he is won't leave without a fight!

Next thing we know is Alex is gone and Rafe is hurt badley but lucky to be alive!
He doesn't remember his right years in prison either.

So I want to know or hope to find out where Zach got his anger/controlling ways came from. Is it not having a dad around? Maybe his real mom hurt him?

What happened to make Alex's mom slit her wrists? 

Why didn't she get swimming lessons even though there was a drowning episode at age 4?!

I love the erotic writing and felt that I was really there. Great book, little bit slow in exposing a few key points but I LOVED it!!

I want the next book already but I have a kindle so I can't preorder.

Going to read more of Gemma James

Thanks for checking my blog out :)

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