Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years and MacGregor Brides

Sorry for not updating for a bit. I worked a 3a to 7a yesterday morning then worked 11p to 7a at the nursing home and I'm on very little sleep.

I also was having an emotional night too and not sure what was causing it but saw friends before work and doing better. Got some more sleep and now back to reading.

Alright going to do a few things and read some more.

Ok read the next chapter of MacGregir Brides.

In this chapter Gwen turns icy because Bran decides to drop in when she is wirking on a patient. That is something you don't do in a hospital, lol.

Well I like Brans style on how he try's to get Gwen out to dinner even though she refuses only to attend a hospital function which bored her to a almost death experience.

She also didn't like her date who kept trying to feel her up under the table but as she got home she finds a little tree on the porch.

A partridge in a pear tree. 

Of course she likes Bran and even though she is happy with the tree, she finds herself in new territory and not sure what to do.

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