Monday, December 30, 2013

The MacGregor Brides

I got the book for Christmas from a friend. I read part 1 already and decided to do a chapter review when I started Part 2. 

I love the The MacGregor Brides!

It's about 3 granddaughters who's grandfather sets them up with well stocked men of good breeding. The girls are of age to be married and start a family.

I wish I had this in my family but back to the book.

Part 2 focuses on Gwen who is a doctor in a hospital in Boston and she gets a visit from Branson Macguire who writes books.

He asks her questions and needs medical bag round terminology for his next book.

I like that he has shoulder length hair and tells Gwen that he wants sex before marriage and he already likes her too.

But the fun has just started! 

Onto the next chapter :)

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