Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!!

I hope everyone had a safe and fun night! I know I did and I was very happy.

Anyways I have added more to my story and stopped it at a cliffhanger but not sure if I like it where I stopped. I may change it later but not sure if I will do it. I hope you like it and of course your comments help me.

Thanks :)

Matt left his house on which was on Pine St. and headed over to Klohe’s house on Elm St. Their houses were not far apart but Matt was worried about Klohe and needed to get there fast and he ran to her house.
“Klohe, don’t leave the house! Please don’t leave even if Harper shows up!” thought Matt while he ran.

“Hey Mom, where are you? Asked Klohe when she got home.

“Why hello Klohe!” said Harper in a sinister voice that would make the hair on your neck stand up.

“what are you doing here!? And where is my mother?!?” demanded Klohe.

“Oh you mean “Our Mother”. Ha you don’t deserve to know her location, besides we are twins and Mother belongs to me! I will take her and regain control of the kingdom that mother and father left and abandonded.

Mother and Father left, left me to die and not be given what is rightfully mine! Harper said while Klohe just stood in front of her in complete shock unable to move.

“I see you are unable to move…..hahaha. Oh Klohe you can’t even begin to understand the hell I have gone through to get here and start my plan! I will be ruler of Silver City and you will not exist!!! Hahaha….laughed Harper.


Thump, ow. Klohe are you okay? Matt asked after he crashed through the front door.

Matt looked up at Klohe and saw she was in shock and could not move an inch.

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