Saturday, December 3, 2011

In The Attic

Ok, sorry for not posting for awhile but i did some writing today. I was hoping to post it earlier but I went and got a tattoo. Anyways I hope this part makes sense and the last part I wrote will not be there. I will be taking some time off but will post to let everyone know what I'm up to.

“Unless all evil prevailed?” What does that mean? Matt said.

“Honey, is everything alright? You seem scared of something, anything you want to talk about? Asked Matt’s mom.

“No, I’m okay and things will be alright. I don’t understand some of this stuff in the book but maybe figuring out what to do will help”

Matt flips through the book that was written by the queen and some of the pages were blank.

“Why are the pages in the back of the book blank Mom?” asked Matt

“I’m not sure and I could never figure out why and neither could your father.”

I do remember my parents telling me a story but I only remember vague details and it had to do with something in another country and a potral or gate to another world, said his mom.

A portal or gate? Another world? Why because you and dad told me there was one way to get to Silver city and it was in Greece? There’s another way? Asked Matt

It is in Greece but I’m having trouble remembering the exact location. A few eek safer I was told the story by my parents, I was ambushed and knocked unconscious so I can only remember a few things but maybe if I think about it long enough I may remember.

“Thanks Mom, any help is great and I need to see Klohe so I will be at her house.

Hope you liked it! :)


  1. Much better follow up to your Thursday, October 13, 2011 post and a good way to now start bringing Klohe back into the story.

    This is a great month to take time off. Many people will likely be focused more on holiday activities than on surfing blogs. From your Twitter updates at the bottom of the page, it just looks like you've been working awfully hard at 2 jobs -- day and night -- that it has to have some affect on your writing and the regularity of your posts.

    I think you have a very good imagination and your story is fun to read, most of the time* :-). I'm sure after you've had a chance to relax and recharge, your ideas will flow so much better that the story will probably write itself.

    BTY, a symbolic or magical tattoo could become an interesting feature(s) on one or more of your characters.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts after the holidays.

    Enjoy your break and especially the holiday season !

  2. i always wanted to get a tattoo that's pretty cool i like this part b/c it goes along with matts search in the attic. the other part didnt fit. im also glad your taking time off i think it will make your story come out better sometimes what you wrote didnt make sense to me i like to read stories that have surprises & follow the adventure i dont like gaps where I have to think about what happened in the middle of teh story i also dont like narators telling me what is happening this takes the fun out of the story soemtimes i felt you messed up your story b/c maybe u were tired from work and u just wrote someting to put on your blog i like that your going to take time off and write great stuff i know u can do it b/c i think u have a lot of talent so have a great break & a great holiday season & see you when u get back*
    *ps (sorry about the spelling)

  3. Thanks for the comments and i will be taking time off. I will be working on the story while I am away and I also had a funeral to go this week so I have had a lot going on.