Friday, September 30, 2016


So first this app I'm using does work and I love it!!! I can still post from my phone which is awesome!! I will write down the name of the app and post later this weekend.

Second thing is I bought Posh products from a party that a friend hosted online. I asked the consultant what would be good for breakouts because I work on a grille at work.

The consultant suggested Gender Bender soap, Hiving Me Life mask and zit zapper. 


Okay figured out deleting, the pic above is what I got. The gender bender soap I tried tonight and I LOVE it!!! Getting more on payday. I like the Giving me Life too and trying zit zapper tomorrow.

Maybe I will host a party online, not sure yet and most of the products are $20 to $30 and there are products under $20!

Okay will post more onPosh later, my eyes are tired and I should go to bed soon.

New Phone and App

So I upgraded to the new iPhone and come to find out that I don't see the blogger app anymore. Why did this happen?

I'm happy with my phone and I'm bummed about not having the app. I'm trying this new app to see how it works, hope its as good as the blogger app I had.

More later

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Good of Boys box set by M. Robinson

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The Beginning of Forever

The Beginning Of Forever
Now Available in Finnish, French, & German!!

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Divine Conspiracy by Rose Hudson

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Rose Hudson

Dark by Lora Ann

☆Author Lora Ann
#ActionandAdventure #Military #Romance #Thriller #KindleUnlimited #AuthorLoraAnn

Links below.
Snippet MA

Infuriated didn’t even begin to explain how he was feeling at the moment. Little viper did what he always knew she would, break his fucking heart as she ran as far and fast as she could from him. Damn, she was phenomenal at staying low and keeping just out of reach. He was impressed with Keeley’s skills even if he wanted to spank her ass for it. Girl could give some of the best known terrorists a run for their money on how to proficiently play cloak and dagger. A quick shake of his head brought him back into focus. He couldn’t let his mind wander back to those caves in Afghanistan. They held demons he’d fought hard to escape, barely surviving.
Get your head in the game, McNeil.
The night vision binoculars aided his ability to identify his target. Definitely the woman in question entered a sex club. Acknowledgement that she would let some disgusting prick have sex with her did not bode well for whoever the man was when Tar got his hands on him. Unbidden, the visual of pure violence came to him.
Yeah, this was a no go.
In his frame of mind, he would kill, at the very least, maim. Now that he found her, though, he wasn’t walking away. Decision made, he strode with purpose. Heaven help whoever had his woman in the throes of passion, or most likely pain.
With the stealth of all his training, he entered unnoticed. What met his eyes threw him for a loop momentarily. Accustomed to Even Strand’s establishments, he was by no means prepared to step back in time. Staring him head-on was the Spanish Inquisition. Unlike the dungeons he’d grown fond of hanging around at E’s clubs, this was a full-blown torture chamber. His mind instantly brought up pictures of Senator Caleb Reynolds’ “play areas” front and center. Sick fuck got exactly what he deserved. In his opinion, it was poetic justice at its finest. Regret began to fill Tar as he tamped it back. There was no way to raise the dead so Tar could kill him for the hell he’d put Keeley and the Strand women through.
Futile to even go there.
He scanned the area with hawk-like precision, quickly concluding she was not in there. “Thank God,” he spoke under his breath and continued on the mission.
Determined to ignore the shrieks and cries, reminding himself they were consenting adults choosing to be tortured for pleasure. Thought made his skin crawl, not out of judgement but concern that Keeley was slipping deeper into an addiction he wasn’t sure he could pull her out of. He’d known she was fighting it. The fact she was in a place like this, told him—she’d long lost the battle. First, he got her the hell out of there. Then, he needed to do his homework. There had to be a way to balance her. Help her find the healthy medium between pain and pleasure.
The blood-curdling scream froze him momentarily. His body went into action long before his brain connected the dots. Keeley. She didn’t sound like a woman who accepted whatever was being done to her. Confirmation came on a, “NOOO!”

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Fit for Love by Brinda Berry



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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Kiss That Changed Me by Kristy Nicolle Cover Reveal






As two brothers reach the final phase of their plan to seize the stolen powers of a God made flesh, the Psirens lay claim to the debris of the Occulta Mirum. With this, a race against the rising blood moon begins. 


As the seconds tick away, Callie and Orion must journey to the farthest corners of the earth, learning to balance devotion and duty whilst reuniting the segregated Kindred of the Circle of Eight. If this is not enough the function of the conduit is still unknown, meaning Callie and Orion must learn democratic flare in multicultural waters to convince others to risk their lives as well. With their foretold future together in the balance, their unity has never been so crucial and one’s willingness to sacrifice the other for the greater good never more necessary.


Can the journey of an immortal lifetime hold answers to salvation, or will it only bring the mer to their final resting place as their race is threatened with extinction?



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Darkest Before Dawn by Stevie J. Cole

★★★★★ "Raw, Gritty & Beautiful!" ➜
Darkest Before Dawn by Stevie J. Cole is now available FREE with Kindle Unlimited!
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

⚡Talk about heart strings and tears. Broken souls and a second chance at love. ~ Amazon Reviewer⚡Read for Free on KU! #KU
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DELVE a stand alone forbidden romance
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Teaser by Author Dani RenΓ©

Laura's Heaven: an adult fairytale
by Suzzana C Ryan

**Adult content** 
Enter a world of fantasy, of what is real and not real. Laura Dinsdale is an erotic romance writer who's attracted the attention of another world...that of angels and demons. She's also at a cross roads, she's in love with Adam Whitmore. 
 Adam Whitmore, is in the process of having his reality turned upside down. He's seduced by Josh Addison, sexy, handsome and quite devious hunk of a guy. However, Josh harbors a deep dark secret. 
Take a leap into pure fantasy and enjoy this short erotic and quite evil adult fairytale. 
*Publishers note: Previously edits and cover
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Monday, September 12, 2016

Immersion by Dzintra Sullivan

✫*¨*★.¸¸.✶*¨`*✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`* ✫*¨*★.¸¸.✶*¨`*✫
Bk One - Apalala Clan Novels
By Author Dzintra Sullivan 
Cover design - Desiree DeOrto
Due out late 2016 
✫*¨*★.¸¸.✶*¨`*✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`* ✫*¨*★.¸¸.✶*¨`*✫

Payton Hunter's choice to take a late night stroll by the cliffs will change her life forever. A freak gust of wind catches her off guard, and she falls into the ocean below. As the last breath of air leaks from her lungs, Payton surrenders to the cold black arms of death.
Prince Volos, the oldest son of the Water Dragon King, stands proudly with the human spy he’s captured. His father will surely renounce the crown to him as he proves himself worthy.
When this small, dark haired beauty causes his heart to start singing, Volos now wonders what’s more important. Being the next King? Or being immersed in the arms of true love?
Miles under the surface of the ocean a choice must be made.
A choice where ripples will be felt far and wide.
What is the depth you will go to for true love?

Thursday, September 1, 2016

His Ring by Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

My Newrelease: His Ring ~ A Sweet & Steamy Romance is out NOW on Amazon, Okada Books & Smashwords. Thank you everyone who already bought copies. You are all amazing! #99c
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